Rachael Messer

Company Creator, Game Creator, Head manager, Voice Director


Rachael has studied voice work, voice acting, and stage work in college. As of May 2013, she will have her B.F.A in Theatre Performance.

       She has voiced over 50 different characters in cartoons, radio plays, fandubs, sprites, and commericals and currently plays the voice of cartoon characters for two animation companies. 

Rachael is the creator of Freedom to Play entertainment. She is currently creating an RPG for the computer.

      She also teaches workshops in voice acting all around Oklahoma and in some Universities along with private lessons via skype or in person.

Rachael is a member of The Mix Theatre Company.

She is always happy to work and please feel free to contact her with any questions.

Stephen Brown

Head Programmer, Assistant Manager

Stephen Brown is currently attending College to get his Bachelors in Computer Science. Stephen got into video games at an early age and when he entered college, he discovered his love for computers and programming and decided he would combine them. He is dedicated to the games progression and helps over see other aspects of the game along with managing the games new assistant programmer. 

After he graduates, Stephen plans to work on many different games for many different companies and we are happy to have him in our company!

Michael Blanton

Music  and Sound Designer

From a young age Michael has played music and video games. With a passion for both he actively sought ways to get his music into games.

Be it doing recording work for the Oklahoma City Thunder, video games, or advertisements Michael is always willing to work.

Michael graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a degree in Contemporary bass.

Michael now works for Freedom to Play entertainment doing sound effects, voice acting, music, and mixing.