Fates of Time is a free to play RPG created with RPG maker.
It is a three part video game. Each part will be release every six months. Needless to say, I would need a voice actor who could be dependable for that long of time.
If you arn't able to stick around for the year and a half, please don't audition!

WARNING! I favor acting ability over anything else. Please really act these lines.
Okay, I probably shouldn’t call it that, but hey it got your attention. There are three things I am really looking for in these auditions
1. Acting ability
2. Audio quality
3. Voice type
In that order.
Also, do not change my lines. I didn’t think I would have to say that because I thought it was common knowledge that unless otherwise stated in the audition form, it is considered highly rude and disrespectful to change the script. I picked these lines for a reason. I left some of them open to a rough interpretation to hear the actors have some fun with them. If you change the lines, I will disregard you audition.
Send Auditions To
[email protected]
File format: Any MP3 will work
Please feel free to include a short bio or resume if you desire.

Please save all lines in one file. No more than two takes per line. Please save as username_Kye_fatesoftimeaudition
Audition Deadline: November 2nd at midnight. Auditions may close earlier if I find the perfect and I mean perfect actor.

I've never posted on here before so I hope everything is alright.
Can't wait to hear your great auditions!