Auditions for Male Characters

Pictures Up on Ocotber 1st

Anonymous Voice


Old General


Anonymous voice: To avoid spoiling everything this character is nameless in this game but is very important to the plot.
Bio: Again, I need to keep most of this information very hush hush. In short, misunderstood and borderline evil.
Accent/dialect: Any*
Voice Range/Type: The deeper, the better.
1. This is just the beginning. All will be mine by the time this is over.
2. We lost once. We will not make the same mistakes again. Feelings hold us prisoner no longer. And because of that, we will win over you.
3. (Laughing)Why are you still trying? You are alone now. And forever.
4. I will not forgive! This ends here. All of this ends here!

Bio: The main characters older brother. He doesn’t have a lot of lines in the first game but becomes a very important character in the second. *He is strong, confident, everything his brother wishes to be.
Accent/dialect: *General American
Voice Range/Type: Tenor
1. Hey there little bro, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up.
2. (Instructing) Every basic attack you land gives you S.P. These are points that once you store up 100 in a fight, allow you to use your special attack.
3. Take good care of this sword. Its been passed down through the family. (Joking) You break it, Dad might just kill you. Just kidding. He definitely will.
4.(Demented,twisted,errie) *It’s foolish to fight any longer.*

Old General:*
Bio: Again, I have to avoid spoilers here. Retired general. Boasts about leading victorious battles, but when asked about details becomes suddenly busy or unable to talk much more.
Aceent/dialect: Any
Voice Range/ Type: Any
1. (matter of factly) I said the city was that way. I told them to go that way. They went the other way. If they die, it’s not my fault.
2. (Boasting) When I was leading my men across the desert, I always made sure that they had at least 10 containers filled with water. No matter how heavy they were. My men didn’t complain. They weren’t wussies.*
3.(Sheepish) Oh, well, umm. You see. It was a…it was… (Happy for a change of subject) Is that a woman over there?
4. (Battle Cry) Is that all you’ve got!? I’ve honestly fought flowers that fought better than you? (Elliaha: Why were you fighting flowers?) Shut up will ya?

Age: Early Teens.
Accent/ Dialect: Any
Voice Range/ Type: Tenor, very light and young sounding.
1. You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t have been able to find this place. It has a spell around it no mortals should be able to break.
2. She comes by every now and again. She longs for the old days when she could walk among the surface and not be endangering herself and her kind.
3. You need to leave. Now! You can’t be here anymore! You shouldn’t have come in the first place! You’ll ruin everything!

Masked Man:
Bio: Ugh! Still cant say because of spoiler.
Accent/Dialect: Any
Voice Range/ Type: Any
1.So this is the Mina Shrine? I’ve heard of it in tales but to see it in person. There is a certain power here. You must feel it?
2. *You must make sure history repeats itself Kye. If you should fail, the world shall disintegrate before your very eyes.
3. Did you really think I’d let you go without a fight? Come now, I must make sure you are ready. I can’t leave the world in the hands of an incapable fool.
4.(Threating) Enough! If you really mean to finish it, then do it now!