Female Characters

Pictures up October 1st!




Elliaha: (WARNING: May be precast but open to audition)
Bio: A sarcastic, snarky, smart mouthed young girl. She had a very dark past and has been on her own for over three years. She is very caring and protective over the people she now has in her life.
Age: Late teens, early 20s
Accent/ Dialect: General American
Voice Range/type: Medium, Medium-high
1. (Flabbergasted at the level of stupidity, sarcastic)Are you brain dead? How many times do you have to try this before you realize this is a bad idea.
2. I watched as she died.She never blamed me, but everyone in the town did…Do you know what it feels like when the place you thought of as home hates you? And whats left of your family is suddenly gone?
3. (Excited, happy, unknowing she’s also insulting him) Are you kidding? I’d love to come with you! I promise, I can help with anything you need. And heaven knows you’ll need a lot of help. I mean really just look at the mess you’ve gotten yourself into and it hasn’t even been a week yet.
4. (Baffled) Why were you fighting flowers?

Lena: (WARNING: May be precast but open to audition)
Bio: Trying to avoid spoilers. She is very important in the second game but does have some lines in the first. Hurt, quiet, solidary girl.
Age: Late teens, early 20s.
Accent/Dialect: Any. She is one of the few main characters that can be from anywhere.
Voice Range/ Type: Any. She is very quiet most of the time.
1.(Surprised, scared) Huh?! (Taken aback and embarrassed) Oh. Im so sorry.. I…I… (this line can be seen for a second in the clip above)*
2. I..I don’t want to fight you! I never wanted to fight anyone!
3. (Laughing) I guess that doesn’t sound too bad.
4. (Strong)No. No one will suffer any longer. I won’t allow this. You. Wont. Hurt. Them!

Bio: Strong, take charge woman. A general of a local army.
Age: 30’s-50s
Accent/Dialect: Any
Voice Range/ Type: Any
1. Tell the men to prepare for battle.
2. I will stay up all night if needed. No one shall breach these walls without my knowledge.
3. We will not surrender! We will not back down! We will fall with our city’s walls!*